School Overview

Our school is grounded in experiences with the Holy Spirit and rooted in the unchangeable Word of God.

The CFTN School of Ministry is a ten-month, comprehensive, cross-cultural, cross-generational school where students engage with the Holy Spirit, learn together in community, and are activated in the ways of the Kingdom.

Fall and Spring Semesters/Class Schedule

Our classes are designed to lead each student through a journey of transformation throughout the SOM school year. We start in the month of August and end in May. We divide our school year into a Fall and Spring semester. Registration for the School is open at the beginning of each semester.

Class Schedule

During the school year we meet on Monday and Tuesday night from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.  We start off with a time of worship, and then continue into a time of teaching, activation, and community.

2023-2024 Dates

Fall Semester 2023

Starts: the week of August 7th

Last week: the week of December 11th

Weeks off:

The week of September 4th

The week of October 9th and October 16th

The week of November 20th

Christmas Break:

The week of December 18th to the week of January 1st  

Spring Semester 2024

Starts: the week of January 8th

Last week: the week of May 19th

Weeks off:

The week of February 4th

The week of March 10th and March 17th

The week of April 21st

Graduation: May 22, 2024

Topics to be covered

Intimacy with God- Out of an encountering and understanding the nature of God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, students will learn how to develop their own intimate relationship with God. They will discover how to cultivate their relationship with Him through the Word, worship, and prayer.

Identity- Students will learn the biblical foundation of a believer’s identity in Christ. They will be taught how to live out of their Christ centered identity.

Bible- Students will learn tools to encounter God in the Word. They will also learn important foundational theological truths.

Wholeness- Students will be taught and given tools to receive healing from hurts and pains and move past negative emotions such as shame and experience and thrive in their freedom found through Christ.

Relationships- Students will learn what it means to have healthy relationship with others.  Students will learn about having healthy boundaries and be given healthy communication tools.

Soul training– Through Dr. McCray’s transformation and paradigm shifting teachings, students will be given practical tools to nourish and feed not only their spirits, but their souls and bodies.

Character- Students will learn how to be transformed from the inside out and seek to live a life that grows in holiness, character, and integrity.

Spiritual Warfare– Students will learn the nature of spiritual warfare and be given practical tools to submit to God and to resist the devil.

Growing in the Supernatural- From a place of understanding Holy Spirit’s role in our lives, students will be activated in hearing the voice of the Lord for themselves and others.  Out of a place of revealing the loving heart of God, students will understand and grow in the gifts of the Spirit.

The Kingdom- Students will learn what it means to have kingdom perspective and that we are part of a Kingdom once we become believers. Students will be taught the importance of Christians fulfilling the Great Commission in the context of the 7-mountain mandate.

List of books likely to be read during the school year:

Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship by Jack Frost

The Renewed Mind by Dr. Michael Maiden

Who’s Behind the Mask by Dr. Allen McCray

Boundaries for Thriving: Living a Full Life by Setting Godly Boundaries by Dr. Michael Maiden

What is Heaven Saying?: Your Handbook to Operating in the Gift of Prophecy by Dr. Michael Maiden

Translating God by Shawn Bolz

Turn the World Upside Down by Dr. Michael Maiden


Requirements + Tuition + Deadlines

Requirements for graduation include, but are not limited to, successful completion of book reports, outreach hours, and attendance. After meeting all the requirements of the school, students receive a Certificate of Completion and are qualified for various leadership and ministry opportunities.

Students are encouraged to take and complete both semesters. Students are considered a graduate of the school once both semesters have been completed.


Cost:  $160 a month ($800 per semester) for in-person



$180 a month ($900 per semester) for Hybrid (in-person and online- live access and replay)

SOM Alumni who desire to take the school again receive a 50% discount


Applicants can apply any time up to 5 days before the start of the semester.

Fall Semester deadline: August 2nd

Spring Semester deadline: January 3rd


$50 non-refundable application fee required.

Applicants can mail app fees paid by check to:

“CFTN School of Ministry”
6225 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ, 85012