All about CFTN School of Ministry

We believe it is the call of God to train and equip people to advance the Kingdom through partnership with Christ, using their unique giftings to influence the Seven Mountains of Culture. Students in our school are trained, equipped, activated, and sent, not just to minister in the church, but right where they’re at, in the Seven Mountains of Culture.

Our Heart

Our heart is for you to encounter a community of love-filled, like-minded believers who are passionately pursuing the presence of God and are determined to discover all that is afforded to us in the Kingdom, in our grace-filled environment.

As we begin the journey of transformation, the school’s heart first and foremost is to see our students encounter and fall more in love with the Triune God. Out of this place of intimacy with God, we desire students to experience transformation and healing from the inside out as they are established in their identity in Christ and discover who God uniquely created them to be in Him. We desire our students to grow in the gifts of the Spirit and their unique talents and calling.

Out of that understanding and experience, we desire our students bring the Kingdom of God to whatever sphere of influence they are called to impact and transform.

Our heart is that our students graduate from our school ready to take what they’ve learned out into the hurting world with a heart of love. We do this all in the context of worship, community, teaching of the word, and experiential activations. We believe that information alone does not produce transformation. Transformation is the result of a renewed mind and putting to practice what Jesus taught and did.

Our Leaders

Our staff leads with the core values of love and grace. We have a passion and deep desire to see people transformed and launched into destiny. We are committed to covering people with unconditional love and giving them room to grow and learn in an environment that encourages risk and considers mistakes to be a part of the beautiful growth process. Although each of our leaders, teachers, pastors, and staff have different gifts and passions, the common thread remains the same: love.

Dr. Michael Maiden

Senior Pastor, CFTN

Destiny, purpose, calling and dreams aren’t just the special and unique prerogative of those in the “ministry.” GOD HAS GIVEN EVERY PERSON A DESTINY! Everything in creation has been assigned a purpose by God: The sun fulfills its purpose by shining; the moon fulfills its purpose by reflecting; fish fulfill their God-given purpose by swimming; birds fulfill their God-given purpose by flying. When we find and fulfill our God-given purpose, life becomes the most fulfilling and satisfying it can be and we give God the greatest possible glory our lives can produce.

Our earthly journey then must be to discover our purpose by seeking and surrendering our lives to God and His will for our lives. Picture with me seven great mountains. These seven mountains represent the entirety and experience of life for all people, in every place, in every generation. Here are the Seven Mountains: 1. Family 2. Church 3. Business 4. Government 5. Education 6. Arts 7. Media. In one or more of these seven mountains God has assigned your life a destiny and dream to accomplish His divine purpose there. In that mountain you have been given an inheritance to claim, an uncommon favor and an unstoppable authority to conquer.

CFTN SOM is a place where you’ll be taught, trained, mentored and motivated to “take your mountain” for God and fulfill the dream God has for your life. Our school will help you discover and develop the GIFTS God’s given you that are the keys to fulfilling your purpose. SOM will help you lay a strong foundation that you can build the rest of your life upon. If you feel God has something for you, then I encourage you to GO FOR IT and join our School of Ministry!

God bless you,
Pastor Michael Maiden

Dr. Allen McCray

SOM Overseer

We come into this world with God’s blueprint on our lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is constantly trying to shape us into its image instead finding God’s destiny for us. Our goal at SOM is to help you discover the plan of God for your life journey. We believe that God’s plan is in you to be discovered, not outside of you to be chased. SOM is designed to assist you in discovery of your identity in Christ and the mountain(s) of influence that you have been called to. Identity is the key to discovering our purpose and destiny.

While academics are important, and there are certainly some academics involved, SOM is an experienced based process that elevates the student’s relationship with God to a greater level and equips each participant with supernatural tools for ministry. You are already naturally supernatural. So get ready to see God’s gifting’s unlocked in your life. It will be a great journey.


Dr. Allen McCray