In the school, students unlearn many falsehoods about themselves and God and identify who He really is and who they were always created to be. Our school is designed to transform people and prepare them for their Kingdom call in this world. The person who steps foot into the classroom for the first time in September is not the same who walks across the platform at the end of the year in May. Our students experience growth that catapults them into destiny. Our growth process is designed to address the whole person: spirit, soul, and body.

Some students discover spiritual gifts during the year that have been dormant within them or they didn’t realize they possessed and they then, in turn, find freedom to use them. Others come into the school environment knowing their spiritual gifts but have soul wounds that need a grace-filled, safe, loving environment so that they can get the healing they need to express their giftings in a healthy manner. No matter the place or level in life one is in, our goal in the school is always the same: growth.