ssom-prayerThe Bible tells us to pay special attention to both what Jesus taught and did. We believe a large part of making a supernatural life natural is to couple teaching with activation. Our students get ample opportunity to practice what they learn in the school. Nearly every time they come together to learn, they have an opportunity to practice what they learn. We believe that activation is a big key to application of the Word in our lives and bringing the Kingdom of heaven to earth.

Outreach – City Shakers

Outreach is at the heart of our school. We don’t just feed our students spiritually, but have a passion to take what we learn out to the hurting world so they can know the love of our amazing Father!

Missions – Nation Changers

Towards the end of the school year, we send our students on missions to serve, love, and infuse different communities and cultures with the Kingdom of heaven. We offer a many opportunities for students to extend God’s government of peace by meeting practical needs, releasing the supernatural, and demonstrating Jesus’ command to love.