CFTN School of Ministry is a nine-month, comprehensive, cross-cultural, cross-generational school where students engage with the Holy Spirit, learn together in community, and are activated in the ways of the Kingdom.


Worship is the foundation of everything we do in the school. When we worship, we create a place for God to show up and invade our natural circumstances.


Our school is geared towards helping students connect with one another and grow in transparency and authenticity.

CFTN School of Ministry

In our school, students learn, experience, and practice in a Presence-filled, classroom setting. The culture of love and grace in our school allows students to discover their gifts, take risks and practice what they learn in a safe environment, and discover and explore their Kingdom purpose within one or more of the Seven Mountains in society. We create an atmosphere for students to also grow in community in small groups and various activations.

Message from Dr. Michael Maiden

Dr. Michael MaidenDestiny, purpose, calling and dreams aren’t just the special and unique prerogative of those in the “ministry.” GOD HAS GIVEN EVERY PERSON A DESTINY ! Everything in creation has been assigned a purpose by God: The sun fulfills its purpose by shining; the moon fulfills its purpose by reflection; fish fulfill their God-given purpose by swimming; birds fulfill their God-given purpose by flying. When we find and fulfill our God-given purpose, life becomes the most fulfilling and satisfying it can be and we give God the greatest possible glory our lives can produce (read more)


“Heaven is waiting for your greatness to emerge – this school cultivates greatness from within.”

Student Testimonial

“We are all created for destiny, but few find what that kind of life looks like…this school draws it out of you.”

Student Testimonials

“Step on the other side of fear… this is a grace-filled, transformational school.”

Student Testimonial