Engage with the Holy Spirit. Learn together in community. Be activated in the ways of the Kingdom.

An atmosphere promoting growth, community development, and discovering one's Kingdom purpose.

In our school, students learn, experience, and practice in a Presence-filled, classroom setting. The culture of love and grace in our school allows students to discover their gifts, take risks and practice what they learn in a safe environment, and discover and explore their Kingdom purpose within one or more of the Seven Mountains in society. We create an atmosphere for students to also grow in community in small groups and various activations.

““Heaven is waiting for your greatness to emerge – this school cultivates greatness from within.””

Student Testimonial

““Step on the other side of fear… this is a grace-filled, transformational school.””

Student Testimonial

We believe it is the call of God to train and equip people to advance the Kingdom through partnership with Christ, using their unique giftings to influence the Seven Mountains of Culture. Students in our school are trained, equipped, activated, and sent, not just to minister in the church, but right where they’re at, in the Seven Mountains of Culture.


Destiny, purpose, calling and dreams aren’t just the special and unique prerogative of those in the “ministry.” GOD HAS GIVEN EVERY PERSON A DESTINY! Everything in creation has been assigned a purpose by God. Our earthly journey then must be to discover our purpose by seeking and surrendering our lives to God and His will for our lives.

CFTN SOM is a place where you’ll be taught, trained, mentored and motivated to “take your mountain” for God and fulfill the dream God has for your life. Our school will help you discover and develop the GIFTS God’s given you that are the keys to fulfilling your purpose. SOM will help you lay a strong foundation that you can build the rest of your life upon. If you feel God has something for you, then I encourage you to GO FOR IT and join our School of Ministry!

God bless you,
Pastor Michael Maiden


Our classes are designed to lead each student through a year of transformational journey.


At CFTN School of Ministry, our students discover an environment of freedom, love, and grace.

Student Life

Our students get ample opportunity to practice what they learn in the school.


Graduates are qualified for various internship, leadership, and ministry opportunities at CFTN.

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